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New from the creator of The Korean Blog List - The iPhone guide to Craft Beer Bars in Seoul and Ilsan!
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Your pocket guide to the craft beer bars of Seoul and Ilsan - for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad!

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Learning Korean
Interested in learning Korean?
These are some of the books and resources that I have found personally useful when learning Korean...

Sogang Online Korean
Free online Korean course from one of Korea's best language schools. Levels range from beginner to advanced. Includes interactive reading and listening exercises, and flash based animations.
Making Out in Korean
The book you can't buy (easily) in Korea! Learn the slang - and not just "dating" slang as the title would lead you to believe - that you wont learn in any language school, and which your Korean friends don't want to teach you. Assaaa..
Pimsleur Korean (Comprehensive)
Pimsleur Korean (Starter)
No boring books to read - use your ears to learn Korean! The Pimsleur course is possibly the easiest way to start learning Korean, and it requires no memorisation.
Korean Through Active Listening Book
Essential listening practise for beginners. Buy this in Korea if you can, it's considerably cheaper than online at Amazon (and Amazon don't have it half the time!)
Handbook of Korean Vocabulary
Start using this book early to spot patterns in Korean words and so learn vocabulary more easily. Not only does this book cover Korean words derived from Chinese characters, but also highlights common roots for pure Korean words, something which I've not seen anywhere else. I wish I'd used this book from when I first started to learn Korean.
Korean Hangul Hangeul Keyboard Stickers Korean Keyboard Stickers
Hangul is really easy to type, but without a Korean keyboard you'll be stabbing away in the dark. A nifty set of Korean keyboard stickers solves the need to buy a completely new keyboard.
Korean Electronic Dictionaries
If you're even slightly serious about learning Korean, get an electronic dictionary from the beginning - because after a month using a paper dictionary every day you'll end up buying an electronic one anyway. If you're in Korea, Yongsan is a good place to try out different models.
Online English-Korean Dictionary
One of the best free online English-Korean disctionaries, from ( - one of the big Korean portals.

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